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LIFE INSURANCE, term life, universal life, whole life, mortgage protection insurance

This site will give you quotes and guides to all types of Life Insurance. A perfect life insurance plan should consist of a combination of Term, Universal and Whole Life Insurance Policies. You can click below for the different types of life insurance that will be explained to you. We will tailor for you a complete life insurance plan that will give you adequate protection that you will need depending on how you answer the questionaire as to your needs. There is nothing worse than leaving behind those you love that depend on your income for living expenses to now having to sell assets (if any) just to survive due to a poor financial plan. Not only will your spouse and children be grieving for you but now they have to worry as to where are they going to live or their other immediate needs. In our opinion, If you have a home, a Spouse or Children, you need to have life insurance. Life Insurance can also be used to pay off your mortgage or inheritance taxes in the event of your death. With proper planning, your loved ones can be financially secure should anything happen to you. Most Life Insurance policies require a medical exam, yet we offer some policies with no medical exams. The difference is that the premiums are slightly higher with non-medical exams policies. We only deal with the Highest rated insurance companies found in A.M. Best, Standard & Poors or Moody's. You may also be interested in Disability insurance as well as Critical Care Insurance this way you and your family will ve completely covered in case of a disability from a covered illness and will complete your financial and estate plan.

When you purchase life insurance from us you can add a wellness rider that will entitle you to receive a confidential health risk assessment, nurse hotline, newsletter, discounts, and personalized health information for a Major Health Care provider.
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