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Get the lowest indiviual, family , business/Company Health Insurance quotes available for you

This site will give you quotes and guides to all types of Health Insurance. The various policies that are available will cover deductibles and out of pocket costs and this is what will dictate your monthly payment. For Disability Insurance such as Aflac? or Critical Care, you can click below to get further information. Below are some Frequently asked questions which I'm sure you'll have more and feel free to email with them.

F.A.Q.'s Frequently Asked Questions:

What Type of Health Insurance Plans are offered?

You can choose a variety of plans such as HMO's-Health Maintenance Organizations, Indemnity Plan's which are PPO's among others. More information can be found by clicking Insurance 101 below.

Can I deduct my health insurance premiums on my income tax return?

If you are self-employed you can deduct your health insurance premiums. However, if you work for an employer who provides health insurance, you cannot deduct the premiums or portion of your premium that your employer pays, only the portion of the premium that you contribute.

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