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DISABILITY Insurance and CRITICAL CARE Insurance.

You need Disability Insurance and Critical Care Insurance to protect your Assets and your Family

Disability Insurance is an insurance product designed to replace a certain percent of your income in the event an illness preventing you from earning an income in your current occupation.

What may surprise many of you is that you may be under the impression that you are fully covered at work and not realize it only covers a portion of your salary. This is why you need Disability Insurance, to help cover the gap of what you are not getting from your employer based coverage. Keep in mind that even with Disability Insurance, it will only cover up to 60% of your wages/salary, which is why you need additional coverage such as Critical Care Insurance. Critical Care Insurance will cover you for a number of different health problems such as Cancer or a Heart Attack. This policy will pay you a one time payment of whatever amount you select based on your premium, for example $50,000 or $100,000 per covered incident. It is of great peace of mind knowing that should anything happen to you, that you and your family can rely on this money to help cover bills for your mortgage, food, etc. while you recover at home and get back to work.Disability Insurance and Critical Care Insurance should be part of your financial plan especially if you have a home, spouse or children in Addition to Life Insurance and Retirement Accounts.

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