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This is the place for Real Estate, Mortgages, Insurance, Financial, Retirement and Tax Planning.

    Tezoro was formed because we feel that when you buy Real Estate, get a Mortgage, Credit Repair, Loan Modification, Debt Consolidation, Insurance or Retirement Plan, the person you are dealing with should have general knowledge about your tax, property insurance, retirement accounts, investment questions and more. All our Financial Advisors are licensed to help you with Real Estate, Mortgages, Property Insurance, Life Insurance, Health Insurance, Annuities, Long Term Care and Tax Preparation. We are also not going to sell you anything. Selling implies not qualifying your needs and just taking your order and issuing a policy. Any product that we offer and recommend to you will be based on thorough research and analyzing your individual financial needs. All of our Retirement products that we offer you have no risk of you losing any Principal as we do not deal in risky investments or securities. We feel that your retirement accounts should be well diversified that includes securities and CD's (both of which we do not deal in) plus of course the retirement vehicles that we do offer. We also deal with the Highest Rated Insurance Companies listed on A.M Best, Standard & Poor and Moody's. None of your monies are at risk as long as you follow the guidelines and we make sure you understand what you are signing before you purchase any Insurance, Annuity, Real Estate , Mortgage or Service from us.
    Our philosphy here at Tezoro is that we want you to be our client for life and not just a one time transaction. Our firm started with Real Estate and Mortgages and has grown due to the loyalty of our clients since 1986. We also deal with Attorney's and CPA's throughout the U.S. that will handle your case in those matters. These professionals that we deal with have been carefully selected to make sure they share in our philosophy. A referral or repeat client is the best reward for us and is our satisfaction to know that have done such a great job for you. If at the end of the transaction, you would not recommend a family or friend to us, then we failed and we are not happy at all about this. We promise to give you the best service and rates regardless of whatever service you receive from us.

Here's what we can help you with:
  • Real Estate-Purchase
  • Commercial Property Transactions
  • Business Loans
  • Residential Mortgages
  • Commercial/Hardmoney Loans
  • Auto/Property/Boat/RV Insurance
  • Health/Life-Insurance
  • Annuities & Investments
  • Long Term & Critical Care
  • Tax Preparation
  • Financial Planning
  • Referrals to top CPA's & Estate, Business & Divorce Attorneys

    Please Note: Tezoro Insurance & Financial Group does not give legal, tax, or accounting advice. The information provided here is a summary of our understanding of the current tax laws and regulations as they relate to annuities. All prospective purchasers should consult with their own attorneys, accountants, and tax advisors.

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